About Us

About Us

Specialized in transportation, storage, logistics and distribution.

Transnos is a renowned company in the transport and logistics sector in Portugal. With several years of experience and a history of excellence in the market, it stands out as one of the main choices to meet the transportation needs of goods across the country. With a team of professionals highly specialized in logistics, Transnos offers personalized solutions that guarantee efficiency and satisfaction for its customers. Whether for the transport of heavy loads, product distribution or any other logistical need, Transnos is the trusted partner that provides solutions adapted to companies of all sizes. With an unwavering commitment to quality and punctuality, Transnos continues to lead the sector and exceed its customers expectations every day.

The Path That Defined Us

A Journey of Dedication and Innovation



In July 2001, the current management became the owner of the company, with only three goods transport vehicles and a small office. Since then, with a policy completely oriented towards the satisfaction of our customers, we have been growing, diversifying and improving our services.



In 2003, Transnos took a significant step by purchasing its first TIR truck. This milestone represented not only the expansion of the companys fleet, but also the beginning of a dedicated journey.



In 2009, Transnos underwent a change of facilities. The investment included the implementation of five unloading docks and a covered area of ​​1,206 square meters. This change provided significant improvements in the capacity and quality of services offered.



The year 2010 was marked by Transnos entrepreneurial vision by establishing its own workshop. The creation of this space not only reinforced the companys commitment to maintaining its fleet, but also allowed more efficient control over the quality and safety of its vehicles.



In 2012, Transnos reached a new level by offering its first service to Central Europe, France. This was just the beginning of a successful international expansion, which extended to countries such as Switzerland, Belgium and Italy. This milestone represented the consolidation of Transnos as an international transport company.



In 2013, Transnos continued its growth, expanding its warehouse to a total covered area of ​​5,371 square meters. This expansion not only made it possible to accommodate greater storage capacity, but also provided greater efficiency in logistics operations.



In 2014, Transnos took a significant step in modernizing its operations by installing an automated system for the handling and storage of hanging items. This implementation is a reflection of the companys commitment to innovation and efficiency, contributing to excellence in the service provided to its customers.



A Julho de 2001, a atual gerência tornou-se propriatária da empresa, contando com apenas três veículos de transporte de mercadorias e um pequeno escritório.Desde então, com uma política completamente orientada para a satisfação dos nossos clientes, fomos crescendo, diversificando e melhorando os nossos serviços.

What Sets Us Apart



We are always looking for new ways to improve and offer personalized solutions to our customers.



Garantimos que cada entrega seja feita com, pontualidade e cuidado, para que as expectativas seja sempre a melhor.



A nossa equipa está sempre disponível para prestar apoio e orientação, criando uma parceria sólida e de confiança.



Asseguramos que a sua encomenda e a nossa equipa estejam protegidos em todo os percursos tendo estrategias.